keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2007


You know me, I like animals. I don't eat meat cause I wouldn't be able to hurt (spider)pigs or cows, let alone kill them. If I could do anything I wanted for living and the money wouldn't matter, I'd most likely pet animals and take care of lonely, homeless, cute animals (definitely not ugly ones). So yes, I care about animals and I want them to feel good. And then what do I do! On Saturday night I turn on the TV and watch rodeo! Like those bulls enjoy throwing cowboys off their back (actually, I think they do enjoy it and I hope they try to aim their horns well).. It's cruel for the bulls, and still I enjoy watching those men trying to hold on to the bull for the required 8 seconds. What's wrong with me??? Maybe this rodeo-gene is related to the formula-gene. Here I am, telling you how much I hate it how people drive cars when they could walk, and still I watch Formula1 races. That's really the true sport for environmentalists!

I feel lucky being Finnish. University was free for me and the government even gave me money every month for rent and food. If we ever have kids with Keith, they will most definitely go to Finland to study if they want to go to university. Here it costs a lot to study in university, and quite often it seems to be the parents who pay for it. The only thing I'm gonna pay for my kids is the ticket to Finland! Have a nice flight, come back when you have finished you Master's!

I'm totally going to abuse the Finnish system soon too! Here I come, unemployment benefits! It's not much but it's more than the nothing I get here for being lazy. In Finland I can be lazy AND get paid - what a treat. I will try to find something to do. Not anything, but something I could do and stay sane. I'm so not going back to the hamburger hell. Hamburgers were nice to make, but customers are too stupid, ignorant and rude for me. And they are NOT always right, in fact, in most cases they are wrong!! Grrrr!!

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