tiistai 7. elokuuta 2007


My latest story in English was so popular (2 non-Finnish readers in total!!), that I decided to write a sequel. A good thing about writing in English is that you can't hear my accent. I've been asked if my accent is German (sorry Ahmet, don't get too offended) or maybe Irish (...). Well, it's Finnish, and I'm not from Liverpool, Switzerland, or Russia. My name is NOT Maizuu, Meiju, Mario, Mayu or Maiyo.

So, now that you know what my name is not, you basically know everything about me. Life in Canada.. At first doing nothing every day all day felt nice, but it gets boring. Weekends are nice, then Keith and I get to be together and do something, or nothing. Hopefully I get my work permit soon and get to earn some money (and spend it on shoes, clothes, movies, CDs, IKEA..). Hopefully soon after that we have enough money to get our own place. Keith's family is super nice and they treat me so well, but of course we want to start our own home. I do at least, I know Keith will miss the meals his mom prepares for the family. I'm not saying that I'm not a wonderful cook.. After all, I can make tuna salad, tuna lasagne, different kind of tuna salad, tuna sauce for pasta.. And cookies. And pancakes. And mashed potatoes. Some of Keith's friends move very close to their parents when they finally move "out". Close meaning they move two houses down the street or even one block away (eek, that's kinda far away!! mommyyyyy!!) from their parents. I personally would move further away just to get the feeling of independence, but I guess if you really hate your girlfriend's cooking, moving close to your mom is understandable (well not really but here it is). And no, I'm not saying you have to move to the other side of an ocean to be independent enough. That just kinda happened to me :)

You missed the story about fishflies. Every summer for about a week they fly around and at night all the lights at the bridge across Caledonia attracts them. They fly towards the lights, but they only live 24 hours so they die to the bridge during the night/morning. This year there were two car accidents because of them, the road gets so slippery from their corpses. I have to bike across the bridge to get to the gym, but they washed/put sand on the bridge early in the morning so I didn't get into an accident. And why are these icky flies called fishflies?? They smell like dead fish! Honestly, I didn't feel like eating fish during the week they appeared. The whole town smelled like rotten fish. I was wondering if the flies taste like fish too, but I never found that out. Maybe next year I will! (Not!)

In Germany I didn't speak as much English that I do here, but still I had few dreams in English during those 5 sweet Sangia months. By now I should be dreaming fully in English, but I don't. Maybe that is a good thing, since I don't want to forget Finnish. At least in my dreams I can speak in Finnish to the dream creatures. Here I only swear in Finnish. I'm sure Canadians think I'm saying something adorable. Muahhahaa, adorable swearing indeed!


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Ahmet kirjoitti...

i enjoyed reading ur recent blogtxt :). its really funny and good to read. i know your problem about english by the way...its same here :p i can be very good at written english if i want. no one could tell difference to someone from US. but spoken language is different...hehe.

ttyl. nice blog.