keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2007

Update in English

Someone has not written a lot in English lately, who might that be.. I thought only Finnish friends of mine and some random pervs read this blog anyways, but apparently some brave foreign souls have tried to understand what I'm writing about. This is for you, courageous aliens!

So what have I done here in Canada? Not much. I still can't work, so I've been working out. Watching TV. Playing LineageII. Oh, and I also got married. To a wonderful man, I must say! If you are interested in wedding pictures, you'll find them here. I'm going back to Finland for a months or two or three in about 4 weeks. I don't know yet when I can come back, but hopefully soon. Whenever the immigration people let me enter this huge country again. I guess they are worried I might be A. a terrorist, B. a lazy person who just wants to be on welfare OR C. a Russian spy, which is basically the same than A. I might be a vegetarian (or actually, a vegetarian that eats meat.. a fisheterian??!), but I'm no terrorist!

What I miss from Finland? Friends, family, cottage cheese, rye bread, some candies, trains, walking and biking around the town, the fresh and not humid air.. There are a lot of things. What I'll miss from Canada while I'm in Finland? Friendly people (I'm already used to random people being nice to me, I don't know if I can go back to staring at my toes every time I'm in an elevator with other people), TV channels (50+ here, 5 in Finland), of course my husband!!! (I still can't believe it's true;; <3), the fact that eating out is cheaper than in Finland (except Chinese food). Not a long list, but it'll grow longer once I find a job here and we get our own place with Keith.

Our wedding was small and nice, my mom was able to watch it online so she was there too, kinda. The bachelorette party I had with Melissa and Laura was an adventure.. We were supposed to go see male strippers but there were none left in whole Hamilton. Instead we went to see adult movies to a cheesy, disgusting theatre. Later that night we also saw some female strippers, who were pretty crappy. I would have done a better job myself, but I was wearing SpongeBob panties at the time, so I didn't go on stage.

Keep it real boys and girls, it's amazing what can happen in life!

4 kommenttia:

Anna Sigga kirjoitti...

That was fun.. I understood every word finally!! ;O)

Happy for you newly wedds.. so happy!

It´s true life is amazing and you never know what is going to happen !!

Taru kirjoitti...

Well, hello herttarouva!

Mikä päivä olette tulossa Suomeen??? Nyt on jo elokuu.

Taru kirjoitti...

Well, hello herttarouva!

Mikä päivä olette tulossa Suomeen??? Nyt on jo elokuu.

Ahmet kirjoitti...

hey maiju. wow i cant believe you are a married woman now! happy for you , really :) i wish you the best.

by the way, i enjoyed reading ur english blog. you're still as funny as always :)

-your friend, Ahmet.