tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2007


I guess I'm supersticious, I wouldn't fly anywhere today. I know the odds are small, most likely I wouldn't end up being in a burning plane stuck in Eiffel tower or some other tower, but still. Better not to take the risk boys and girls! Actually I think the safest thing to do today is to stay inside, in the basement if you can. Basement with an escape window in case a plane hits your house and you have to get out of it.

The reason for me to write today is that I want to complain. About the showers at the gym here. There's no privacy! There are 3 showers in one shower room, no walls or curtains in between them. The showers are only for women of course, but women, men or pigs, I still like some privacy while I shower. I refuse to use those showers, so if you meet me on the way home from the gym, I have to warn you: I stink!

I sent my first job application in today. I hope I get this job for the time I spend in Finland, since it's pretty close to what I'm supposed to do for living. And if I get it, my mom maybe stops nagging about how lazy I am. I am lazy, but who wants to be reminded about that every single day! This job would be so much better than anything else there is available. Back to making hamburgers? No f***ing way! How about cleaning? ... I could teach biology or something.. -Yea, if I had any experience about teaching but I don't. I also would feel very nervous in front of 25 teenagers that try to find something to tease me about. That's what we did to teachers when I was in school, and I don't think the students have changed at all. Keith, get me out of here!!! Heeeelp!!!

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