tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2007

Candlelight suppers

Next time you arrange a candlelight supper for your friends, the candles might be made by yours truly. I got a job - it has nothing to do with biochemistry, but hey, it's money. And money I need. For the ticket to go back to my love, for insurance, for earrings.. All the important things ;) I'll be part of the process of making candles, so next time you light a candle, think of me <3

I miss things from Canada. The first, very important, thing to miss is my husband of course. Without him I'm not complete and without him I can't be truly happy. I also miss his family and friends who became my friends and family, too. One of the things I miss is the tuna sub. Mmmmm. And the positive attitude I see in people. Maybe the gloomy, rainy weather makes Finnish people unhappy, jealous and bitter, but that's for sure one thing I won't miss in Canada. Except maybe when I'm having a bad day, and I want to be unhappy, jealous and bitter without standing out.

Light my fire, babes!

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