tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2007

The Dark Autumn

Now the nights are officially longer than days. I can feel the winter coming already, the darkness usually makes me very tired during the autumn and winter. Other Finns seem to be affected too. People don't even say sorry if they bump into you in a store. I try to be friendly to everyone at work, but apparently it doesn't pay off. I get maybe 1 smile back out of ten.

The work.. Well, this week I'm working on the morning shift. Which means I have to start at 6am. Which means I have to get up around 4.30am. Which means I'm not a happy camper in the morning. Or in the evening, since I have to skip all my favourite TV shows and go to bed at 9pm. The work isn't too wonderful. Everyone is so busy that no one really had time to tell or show me what to do there. They just put me to work. Kinda like if in the driving school they would just give a car to someone that has never driven a car before, and wished him/her safe drive home.

I miss Keith very much. I could go to Canada already, but I'm working to get some money for the ticket and shopping, too. I already need some time to go through all my boxes here. And decide if I should keep an essay I wrote in Swedish. It's called "I don't need other people" and it basically is about how I hate all the other people. I guess I had a very bad day when I wrote it.

I don't hate you! (Only a little bit) (Just kidding!) (Am I??!!)

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