torstai 18. lokakuuta 2007

A man and a doberman

My job is boring. Especially the morning shift kills me! Imagine getting up before 5am.. On top of that, days seem to be very alike, and I don't find my job (=making and watching candles. I've never seen so many candles before!) to be very useful for the society. What makes days to feel even more alike is a man with a doberman. Every morning on my way to work, I see this man with his dog. At the exactly same spot. The second time I saw him I was suspecting that Monday started all over again. On Wednesday morning I thought I was going crazy. This morning I didn't see them immidiately and felt weird, I found myself thinking what had happened to the man and the dog. They were there though, at the same spot as usual. Maybe the man is waiting for me every morning? Is this the real life Truman show?? Well anyways, it's creepy but also comforting, someone else too has to get up so f***ing early. It's not normal to force people to get up in the middle of the night! Only one more morning shift week left for me though, and I won't miss them at all!! (Or any other shift to be honest)

I wonder if the man with his doberman will be there tomorrow morning. It would be weird if they weren't there, but even more weird if they were.

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Whissana kirjoitti...

Halusin vaan kayda ilmoittautumassa, etta luen edelleen blogiasi uskollisesti, ja nautin siita suunnattomasti! En valitettavasti paase normaalilta koneeltani kirjottelemaan kommentteja sun kirjoitelmiin. Lisaksi olen pahoillani ettet pida kyntiilankyttaystyostasi, kylla se siita. Kanada haamottaa jo! :)