torstai 8. marraskuuta 2007

They Are Alive

The Machines. At work. Seriously! When I sit next to them, paying attention to the candles, the machines work perfectly. When I turn my back at them, or go do something else, they stop. They do. Every time. It's like they know when I'm ignoring them. Scary, huh? Not as scary as the boss, who appears within seconds when the machines stop. He might be a wizard, or maybe he has a teleporting skill. Spooky.. Well, tomorrow is my very last day working at that factory. I couldn't take it anymore, the backstabbing and the general "men are better than women"-attitude are driving me crazy.

Some crazy kid shot other students, teachers and himself in a Finnish school yesterday. The whole Finland went nuts after the shooting, it's something we always thought "would only happen in USA". I feel bad for the families and friends who lost their loved ones. I can't imagine what it is like to go to school and end up dead, or fearing for your own life. I hope no one blames the family of the shooter, they lost their son, too. Guns seem to be so unfair. The one that has the gun, has the power. You can fight the fists, but the bullet is stronger than a human (unfortunately or fortunately, maybe sometimes guns are needed when they are in "right" hands). Again I have to try to realize that the world isn't a fair place. I keep hoping it would be, and I'm prepared to get disappointed many times.

I got glasses today. I look funny wearing them, but wow, the world looks so clear now! 3 years I've been thinking the windows are dirty, when it really has been my eyes' fault. When I got my ears pierced a year ago, I first thought I looked like a transvestite. I got used to the earrings, and now I can't help buying them! Maybe the same thing happens with the glasses. Hopefully not, the glasses are kind of expensive compared to cheap silver earrings.

Today I love Facebook! I found a long lost friend there. She is one of the friends I lost and have missed ever since. The true friends are like that. I'm glad she found me, and I hope to keep in touch fromnow on! New friends are important too, but you can't do kids' stuff, like play with Penny's ponies, with them at this point of your life.

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