lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

I might get into trouble for saying that, if I was in Australia. I heard the Santas have been told not to say ho ho ho this year, because it is offensive. Yea, it's very offensive and I'm sure all the conservative hookers will sue you if you offend them like that!

Crazy christmas is over, but thanks to my sugar daddy I'm gonna enjoy my christmas present a lot even after christmas. The whole holiday here was a lot different from what I'm used to back home. At home, it was just me and mom last year. This year, it was me, Keith, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents.. We were 17 people. It was a bit of a cultural shock, and partly also a frustration invasion event, but I made it! And I didn't hate all the traditional christmas foods like I do in Finland! There are couple of things I would like to point out though:

First of all, I want my presents on Christmas Eve! Not the Christmas Day.. Why wait for 12 extra hours, when you should be opening the presents on Christmas Eve. I guess the main reason for this is to torture the kids, but trust me, I felt the torment too! I got to open one present earlier than the others though. Muahahhahaa.

Second thing I want to mention is the location of Santa. He does NOT live on the North Pole. I mean c'mon, everyone knows he lives in Finland. Right? Stupid Danish people think he lives in Greenland. Suckers. I guess soon they are gonna tell me that picking up seven flowers while running around naked on midsummer eve won't help me in finding a husband.. Ha! How little do they know!

I'm finally working a little bit. Not the job I want to be doing for the rest of my life (I'm having hard time with this, all the jobs seem to be the wrong ones), but it gives me something to do, a bit of money and it makes me feel a bit more independent. And useful. I'm still sticking to my gym routine, which is good. The immigration process still hasn't started for me, but we will meet our lawyer in a couple of days and hopefully get things started soon. And the most important thing: I love my husband so much! <3

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Whissana kirjoitti...

Aww, I laughed so hard reading about your Christmas. I wish I had been surrounded with a lots of family members too, anybody's family members would have been fine at this point. That's the one thing I used to like about being with my ex (who's name should not be mentioned :O), I really liked the coziness that I felt when we spent Christmases with his family. No I don't miss him, just some moments like that.

I heard you got some really nice presents too, 'cept the candle.. and I think I can understand why it wasn't on the top of your wish list. :P

Well I hope to catch you online soon! I have been really busy this week with my German friends that are visiting, but soon they will be gone and I will miss them and it would suck if I didn't spend every waking moment, like I have, with them while they're still here. I actually have spent almost every night at the house they're staying at, too. Anyway, my point is soon I'll be back to my old routine and I'll be there to chat with you on a daily basis again! I miss that!