tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2008

Easy Living

The Easy Life of North Americans. I never really thought about why people drive everywhere, use dryers, like to get their coffee from drive thrus, eat a lot of fast food, put salt on the roads instead of changing winter tires to their cars, and all that. It recently occured to me, that people tend to do everything the easy way. I do that too, and I guess that's a part of the human nature. Too easy living has problems; it makes people lazy, fat, and ignorant, and I see lots of that around me.

If easy living is what people here want, why do they still use cheques instead of online banking?? Instead of paying the hydro bill online, they write a cheque and send it to the hydro company. Like come on, it's not the stone age anymore! Why do people still shovel their own sidewalks instead of paying a bit more taxes and having the city do it for them? Of course, many people have plows to do the job for them, but they could have someone to plow for them, too. If easy life is so desirable, why the prices in stores or restaurants don't include the taxes? If it says on the price tag that something costs 2 dollars, it actually costs 2,20, or something. Oh, there are so many things made difficult for people in this country. People still very happily send their cheques in, but walking to grocery store is a big no no. Riding my bike in the snow today definitely was concidered to be crazy, just because it's not easy, warm, and comfortable. I guess it's just different things Canadians value, different areas where they feel comfortable to feel uncomfortable.

I'll continue my task of setting an example and maybe, possibly, hopefully, making at least some people more active, and making people conscious of options they have, if they are willing to move their butts a little bit more.

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Whissana kirjoitti...

I hear you. Yesterday I had to walk about 14 blocks, and i was thinking to myself it's probably going to take a long time for me to get to my destination.. Then I thought about it some more and i realized it's actually a pretty short walk, i just never do it! I always drive, no matter what, and i realized I haven't really even thought about any other option. So I walked and it took me about 15 minutes. :P Yeah, I'm americanized, but every now and then im trying to remind myself of the things i USED TO do.

It's raining here today.. I better go watch TV and hear all about the "Storm Watch"! Californians are really confused today and don't really know what to do and how to handle this strange weather.