torstai 21. helmikuuta 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart.. I mean, the Moon

We got a beautiful lunal eclipse last night. The moon turned all red and cool looking, and it was very interesting to see. I don't think I've ever seen a lunal eclipse before, and this one was pretty and complete. The skies were clear, no cloud in sight. To see the eclipse you had a couple of options:

1. Dress warm, and go outside see the moon.

2. Be a wuss and stay inside. You can see the moon just as well from there.

3. Stay indoors, open the TV, and watch the eclipse live on TV!

4. Ignore the stupid ball on the sky.

I think everyone who knows me, knows which one of these I did last night. If you have been listening to my complains about lazy Canadians, you'll know what most of them did. I'm not saying it's the coolest thing to watch, but it was definitely more interesting than C.S.I. reruns or WoW.

What is it with Canadians, that they are so scared of the weather. If it rains, they stay indoors. If it's cold, they stay inside. If it's too hot, they turn the AC on and stay inside. Today it is nice and sunny, maybe -3C. Too cold, they say. And if they do go out, they don't really. They take their cars, and drive somewhere. Then they call it "going out". Well here's a news flash for you: It's not really going out if you sit in your car. Sigh.. I want to go back to Europe..

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Whissana kirjoitti...

I remember watching a lunar eclipse with my grandma once when i was kid and I can actually remember it pretty well. I sat by her kitchen window in that evening and watched. I wonder what year that was. This one i wasn't so interested in, but I did check out the vanishing moon. Pretty cool. :)