keskiviikko 9. syyskuuta 2009

Edellinen teksti "englanniksi"

Nettiselaimeni aina ehdottelee suomenkielisten sivujen kääntämistä englanniksi, joten päätin katsastaa miltä blogini näyttää vieraalla kielellä. Kieli on kuin onkin varsin vieras..

Anopin mouse says klik-klik-klik, nerves Maijun says naps, naps, naps. Why are houses built with walls and doors are paper thin, and every click is anopin computers everywhere except in the basement? Few other voice is so maddening, as the mouse or keyboard naksutus. Listening to it will strike a healthier head schizophrenia. Kliketiklik-klik - anopilta I asked yesterday whether the area already tired of mahjong, now when it has been played at least four hours a day for several months. Not hear any of lose interest, but Smith is already quite mature enough to mahjongnappuloiden klikkailuun.

Another thing my fury is victim not only of Canadian feature. Behaving Badly kersoja are everywhere. Of course, behind the children's behavior are parents who, at least not here just do not dare / dare / bother to command kiljuvia and civil wars raging kersojaan. Yesterday, the laundry was shockingly ill-behaved 2-year-old son, who did not stop the sound of his mother's place of terror whispered "stop Tyson, donate hello." So that the son would have remained in place even for a moment and quietly, in front of it was levied on the pizza, coke, candy and other small snacks. A nice supper of 2 years. Tuhdista little boy will be big inkkarisoturi probably a couple of years, so big that the scouring of the substance of distribution for clothing in breathless (even this is seen, the man ran from the forehead sweat and breathing was difficult stain removal effect). Develops for parents of internal ear hearing protectors, as they usually do not harm kersan ounce of rage? Kyrpii me yes if I have to lingerie shop fitting booth to listen to incomprehensible kersan ulinaa begging for attention, but the mother does not even look värähtänyt. Or does it, at least not blocked kakaransa muzzle. I considered himself already pushup-filling survomista kersan down the throat. It would seem, however, illegal activities, so the plan was a dream stage.

Sign up yesterday, a couple of school course. What, then it is to college in Finnish (in my view, is mostly through polytechnics), it is a very different institution than in Finland. The aisle is one of the cabinets, which are all Yankee leffoissa schools are full. Bike racks had one (1) the bicycle, while the parking lot was so full that nurmialueetkin were full of cars. Healthy food does not, of course, countries have been close at all, just became tedious Totti strait .. Do not know the boys and girls here, what to lose. The courses will pay a lot of stupid, I will impoverish the two-star course $ 500, and its still on course books, 200 dollars!! The course library is not listed, so buy all of your book, be it new or used. I heard that my book was "cheap", some of them pay $ 400 or more. There is therefore no wonder that here is a tolloja a train, is it normal people here can not afford to educate themselves! Tolloista Speaking in a local quiz competitors had to appoint 5 most populated country in the world 10. When you ran out of ideas after the U.S. and China, proposed a single country in Europe. Jep jep ..

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