torstai 24. marraskuuta 2011

Hey, Odd Andy!

I had forgotten I used to write few blog entries in English. I don't even know why I did it, but this time I have a purpose. Odd Andy has been trying to figure out why I came from Ru.. I mean Finland to Canada, and how old I really am. It's no secret that I am a vampire, and have seen the Black Death kill most of Europeans in the late 1340's, and maybe even witnessed the invention of a wheel about 4000 B.C. How old I really am then? It's been so long I lost track of time. It happens. It will all come to an end one of these days, when I walk out of a bathroom. Let's just hope I get to go before dying.

Today I got the cutest little Santa outfit for my kitty! He loves wearing it. To be honest, I know that making pets wear costumes counts as torture. I still can't help myself.. Lars looks so adorable in the little outfits I have gotten for him. I promise not to buy any more, one for Halloween and one for winter holidays is enough. Or is it?

What's up with that winter holiday stuff? I can't even try to pretend that I agree with the original reason to celebrate Christmas, so I just celebrate getting gifts and the darkest time of the year. In Finland we celebrate the midsummer, so to be fair I think midwinter should be celebrated as well. Does this change my late December from previous ones? Not really. I just feel better about thinking that I celebrate the pagan stuff instead of a Christian holiday. I like the Finnish word for Christmas better, Joulu. It doesn't have a Christian sound to it, at least not to me, and it can be used to describe the holiday time without being religious. 

I think I've become allergic to religion in Canada. In Finland it's not that big of a deal in most people's lives, and even I was brought up "Christian", which meant going to classes teaching about religion, attending church services twice a year etc. I hope I've never actually bought the story about Jesus. It's a different world out here, where some people are disturbingly into religion, and get offended about anything and everything. In Canada so many cultures and religions are mixed together, that you end up offending some group no matter what you do. If you eat pork or eat anything by using your left hand, you disgust muslims. If you don't sponsor at least 5 kids in Africa, christians think you're evil. If you eat beef, hindus hate you. Orthodox jews don't approve using electricity on Saturdays. You just can't please everyone, so I think I'll just concentrate on living the way I think I should be living. And maybe celebrate my own little pagan things. 

I have to admit, I do like the decorative lights and cute tree decorations. It's always nice to get some light into the dark night, and boy are they dark right now. I got home today at 17:00, and it was pitch dark already. Before the snow falls, the nights seem so long and so black, and it's nice to brighten them up. However, I don't approve this kind of light abuse:

I told a friend, that what I miss from Europe is people with common sense. Don't disappoint me, Finns! You have about 4 weeks to get your act together.

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