keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011


Movember happens, when all the guys who can grow facial hair, grow a moustache in November to support prostate cancer research, survivors, or something like that. It is very typically North American to support a cause. The most popular ones are breast cancer (to show your support you have to buy pink stuff, the more the better), "our troops" (just get a support ribbon magnet and slam it on your car), and prostate cancer. Or heart disease, diabetes, poor children, poor anyone, sick kids (buy a Happy Meal and the kids will get fixed). Of course, there are people who take advantage of Canadians' good will, and fake a cancer, for example. I personally can't grow a moustache, don't exactly believe that donated research dollars go to the research in ways that would help anyone except the administration people who handle the money (straight into their own pockets, woooot??), and don't support Canadian troops. There. I said it. But then again, why would I?

I do like November, because you see some really awesome moustaches around. I like it.

Why do Canadians so willingly help and donate money to all these different causes? I don't know, and I'm hoping someone reading this would know the answer. Is it because of guilt? I'm well off/healthy, so to please karma/god/gods/mom I have to help the ones who don't have what I have - attitude? Because Canadians are so much nicer and helpful than Finns? Quite possible. Because through supporting the charity they feel like they are helping their family member(s) who suffer from said disease, or who have had the opportunity to go and fight for our freedom!!? (Hidden sarcasm is not so hidden) This option I find the most probable one. Maybe they saw their mom to die of breast cancer, and want to help and support others with it. Maybe they feel guilty for not being there for their mom when the cancer was taking its toll, and through donations make themselves feel better about it. Which is it?

I felt slightly guilty when my Zumba instructor was trying to get us attend a zumbathon to raise money towards breast cancer research, right here in Hamilton. Unfortunately I know that only less than half of that money goes to the actual research, and that the brand new labs this research has in their use sit empty most of the time. Apparently most of the money goes to raising more money, and to the administration of the university, or hospital, or whatever the organization is controlled by. Knowing this, I would never donate money for it. Sorry. Just being my lovely cynical self, it's nothing personal. I'd be happy to help people or organizations that help the cancer patient and their family, for example, by taking them to hospital, doing grocery shopping for them.. Things like that. And of course, I'd always donate money to cute dogs and kitties. But only if they are cute.

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