tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2012

Dance Drama

As we all know, it's highly important to be known by all the cool people. The more cool people say hi to you, the more important and cool you become, right? Yes. When you're about 15. Surprisingly this behaviour still exists in people over 30. I just recently found this out while attending a Salsa night. This great live band was playing, people were dancing, everyone seemed to be having fun. I danced a bit too, but also enjoyed just sitting there, listening and watching the band play, and admiring the good dancers on the dancefloor. My friend was trying out salsa for the first time in her life, and it was fun to watch her having fun, too. Apparently this kind of behaviour is not cool at all!

A lady I know from my dance classes goes to classes several times a week, goes to every single event that resembles salsa, and talks about it constantly. I love latin dances, don't get me wrong, but I haven't been so overwhelmingly into one specific thing since I was 15. I dance, but I also go to gym, watch TV at home, jog, work, hang out with my cats (yea, it's a damn cool thing to do!).. My life isn't consumed by one thing only. Salsa brings me tons of joy, and maybe if I was single (or had a spouse who would agree to dance with me)and less busy and had more money I would dance more often, too. This part-time salsaing, however, is not appreciated by the true enthusiast. She kept telling me how she wouldn't sit that evening, she was ready to dance! I was shushed when the singer of the band said something in Spanish so she could hear that instead, even though she doesn't speak Spanish. Twice. She told me how the trip to bathroom took forever because she had to stop so many times to talk to the real salsa people. She knows most of the insiders by name, sais hi to them, hugs if given a chance. She chatted with band members. The true mission, I believe, is to become one of the insiders, whatever that means. To me this is hard to understand since I'm just there to have fun. I really don't care if anyone there knows my name or not. Since I wasn't impressed by her new status in the Hamilton's salsa world, I got the cold shoulder. Whatever, I'm still a good dancer (for an European)!

To prove that I can dance, I'm going to learn the dance from Armi and Danny's legendary I Want To Love You Tender music video and perform it to a huge audience during my next visit to Finland. Take that, salsa insiders!

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