torstai 14. kesäkuuta 2012

Filmed Murder

Canada made it to the world map when the crazy guy from this great nation killed a Chinese guy, filmed the murder, sent a foot of the killed guy to some politician, and fled to Europe. According to an article I read about him, he was very desperate for fame, trying to make it as a porn star, male escort, and probably throught he'd be the next James Dean. Was filming a murder the idiot proof way to become a celebrity, if you can call it that when the whole world thinks you're nuts?

Have you seen the video? I haven't, and probably won't. There are gross and cruel TV shows, but the violence doesn't feel that bad because you know/are told to that it's not real. In the case of this killing video, it seems to be very real. Still, it's a video that will probably never be deleted from the Internet as a whole, it will find its way around the globe to be seen by other maniacs, curious people, numb people who have seen it all already. I wonder if this is only the beginning of some trend where more people start filming and posting these things? Anyways, the killer got what he wanted, and unfortunately the media writes about him a lot, making the killer even more satisfied with himself. I think the worst punishment for him would be forgetting about him, but the world won't do that. It's too juicy of a subject for the media to ignore. By the way, the killer is 30 years old, and has been under the knife of a plastic surgeon several times already. This means that I am lagging behind. By 30 I wasn't world famous, had no facial improvements done, and only had one identity. Then again, I was quite sane and didn't speak of myself in third person. Except sometimes.

 Maiju will continue working now so she can leave work on time.

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