tiistai 5. kesäkuuta 2012

Nothing Else Mattress

Back in the 90's I remember liking Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. It was a band all the cool boys listened to, and since I didn't appreciate the heavier material Metallica played, NEM was the one. I also "liked" Guns N'Roses, but only because my cool cousin liked them. I can't even name one song. Anyways, after the early 90's I forgot Metallica, along with NKOTB, Kim Wilde, and other interesting music I listened to growing up. Being married to a metal head re-introduced me to Metallica, and this time around I actually like them. Not because my cool husband likes them, but even at work when Metallica is playing on the radio, I rock out a bit. My new-found interest in Metallica is the reason why I was sooooo jealous to the Finns who got to go see them play live in Helsinki last night. Damn you all! Metallica tours USA a lot, but since I'm not exactly the person they want into their country, I have to wait for them to come to Canada. My problem is that the dudes in the band have been playing together so long, they will very likely at some point stop doing it. I just have to hope it happens after I've seen them play.

NKOTB then.. They played in Hamilton last summer, with some other boy band, or what used to be a boy band. I wanted to go see them, but not because I like them. No, my love for them was consumed the first time around, when Joe (or something like that) was the center of my universe. I just wanted to go see what becomes of boy bands when they are not cute and adorable anymore. I didn't get to go, but didn't lose any sleep over it. There are also bands that I loved, and would still love if they would come back. One word: Tehosekoitin. I dreamed of their song last night, had to play it when I woke up, and listened to them all way to work this morning. Tehosekoitin to me means summer. Summer has officially begun!

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