perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012


There are a lot of huge big transport trucks on the road to work with me every morning, and I can't help thinking about Transformers when I see these things. Especially when it's dark out, their head lights look like Transformer eyes. Some trucks look like friendly Autobots, some are definitely Decepticons. I have to admit, commuting with Transformers all around me is rather exciting. Transformers have not talked to me yet, and for my sanity's sake I kinda hope they never will. They do roar, but I figure that's just normal and everyone else can hear the roar, too.

In my last two lab jobs we didn't listen to the radio or anything, but at my co-op lab radio listening is allowed. It's nice to have some background music, but in a big open lab this can also be a problem. I'll just say that people like different kinds of music. At least no one is listening to country!!! Girl next to me loves the top ten hits, and listens to a radio station that plays them. On Monday I didn't mind, even though I heard couple of the songs twice. On Tuesday it started to bother me a bit to hear the same crap over and over again. Not crap, really. Some of the music is ok, but when you hear it million times a day, it starts to suck. It's Friday now, couple of the hits are playing in my head even when I get home, and I'm really hoping the next person who will work the station next to mine next week likes some other kind of music. Why don't I choose the channel then, you might ask. I have tried, but after about an hour the station magically gets changed. I try not to make enemies since I'm the unworthy student, so I'll just let my ears and brain bleed. They'll heal eventually.

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Secret Agent Apa kirjoitti...

May the force be with you! ...And may you find the radio station that plays the best Celine Dion songs over and over again! Ah, what bliss! :D

Maiju kirjoitti...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Celine would make Maiju very unhappy.